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All of Shaldag Foundation overhead costs are paid by annual membership fees paid by the foundation members.

100% of donations are dedicated to our programs.

Donations to Shaldag Foundation are generally considered tax-deductible in several countries across the world.

We invite you to use PayPal for donations that will be directed towards the Foundation projects.

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Donors from USA

Donation can be made through American Friends of LIBI in one out of two options:

1. Online - click here to make the donation.

Please make sure to designate your donation to Shaldag Foundation.

2. By check - Please send a check payable to – AFL, American Friends of Libi Foundation.


Mailing address - American Friends of LIBI, 45 Bartlett Crescent Road, Brookline, MA02446 Attn: Mr. Shimshon Erenfeld


Please attach a statement letter designating the donation to Shaldag Foundation.

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